What can cause red blood cells in urine?

What can cause red blood cells in urine?

The presence of erythrocytes in urine is known as hematuria and is usually associated with kidney problems, however it can also be a consequence of performing very intense physical activity, although this is rare, or due to menses, for example.

 The hematuria usually causes no symptoms and is perceived mainly by changing the color of urine, which happens to be pink or red and, in some cases blurred.  So, if verified change in urine color, it is important to go to the doctor for tests to be made and can start the most appropriate treatment.

 The value considered normal erythrocytes in urine up to 15,000 per ml of urine, the reference value may vary depending on the laboratory.

 What can it be

 The presence of red blood cells in the urine is usually not accompanied by symptoms, and only realized that the urine presents pink or reddish, and blurred, and is most often associated with kidney problems.  The main causes of red blood cells in urine are:

 urinary tract infections;

 Inflammation of kidneys, which is usually the result of infection, such as pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis, for example;

 Changes in the prostate for men;

 renal diseases;

 Use of some medications, especially anticoagulants;

 Presence of kidney stones or bladder;

 kidney cancer.

 For women it is also possible to observe the presence of blood in the urine during the menstrual period, so it is not recommended that the urine collection during this period is made, it will be indicated in the test the presence of red blood cells.  However, if it is verified the presence of blood outside the menstrual period, it is important that women see a gynecologist for more specific tests are carried out.

 Although often be related to changes in the kidneys, it is also possible that high red blood cells in the urine occur due to excessive physical activity, which can happen as a result of the bladder or dehydration injury, for example, however hematuria due to exercise is rare.

 So, if perceived any change in the urine, it is important that the person go to the general practitioner or urologist to be made examinations and can start appropriate treatment.

 How to identify the high red blood cells in urine

 The presence of red blood cells in the urine is perceived mainly through the urine color, which happens to be pink, bright red or dark depending on the amount of red blood cells.  Furthermore, urine from the microscopic view, can be observed the presence of several or numerous intact erythrocytes, and its degradation products, such as hemoglobin, which is identified by the tape test.

 In this situation it is also possible to identify the presence of hematic cylinders, which are structures formed by red blood cells, and in some cases, leukocytes and the presence of numerous crystals.

 It should be done treatment

 Treatment for hematuria is indicated by the physician according to the cause, or in the case of high erythrocyte in urine is due to infections, the doctor may recommend the use of antibiotics to fight the infectious agent and thereby decrease the amount of RBCs present in urine.

 In case you happen due to the presence of kidney stones or bladder, it is usually recommended for removal, which is most often done through a minor surgical procedure.  After this procedure is normal that the person continues to see red urine, but as the recovery happens, the urine back to having normal color.