How to make parsley tea for weight loss

How to make parsley tea for weight loss

 Parsley is a very popular condiment in cuisine.  Due to its unique flavor and aroma, it is widely used to prepare sauces and seasonings, but few people know about the effects of using parsley to lose weight.  We are going to show you all these weight loss related benefits below.


 Parsley is a plant of the Petroselinum crispum species which is one of the best condiments for your food.  Especially if it's fresh, it's one of the most creative and delicious ways to season your food.  In addition, it provides a wide range of nutrients and can also help you lose weight.

 Rich in substances such as antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C and folate, parsley is available in several varieties at fairs or supermarkets, such as parsley leaves, which has leaves with different textures and even shapes, and parsley root, a variety that can be eaten raw or cooked.

 Regardless of the variety you choose, they all have basically the same nutrients and benefits that help you lose weight.

 Parsley benefits for weight loss

 The main benefits gained from eating parsley in relation to weight loss include those listed below:

 1. Fat Burning

 Parsley has a substance called capsaicin.  This compound also found in peppers activates enzymes that participate in the body's fat burning.  Thus, the fat stores present in the body can be eliminated more easily.

 Additionally, capsaicin also decreases cravings for sugary carbohydrates, helping to reduce dietary sugar intake, which is beneficial for any weight loss program.

 British researchers indicate that using half a cup of parsley daily can make you lose up to 4 kilos of fat in 6 months.

 2. Low calories

 With a calorie content of just 20 calories per quarter cup or 10 calories in a 2-tablespoon serving, parsley is a great diet ally.  It can be incorporated into snacks and even in a sauce prepared to replace fatty foods such as mayonnaise and butter, for example, greatly reducing caloric consumption.

 3. Diuretic action

 Its diuretic effect helps to eliminate fluid retention, which reduces swelling in the body and, consequently, can reduce some measures such as reducing the belly.  In addition, it has a detox effect that cleanses the body of possible toxins and food residues present in the body.

 4. Digestion

 Parsley is able to promote better digestion by stimulating the production of saliva and enzymes that participate in the digestive process.  A proper functioning of the digestive system is essential in any weight loss diet.

 5. Regulation of blood sugar levels and satiety

 Parsley is a plant that is high in fiber without any fat or carbohydrate content.  This is especially great for people with type 2 diabetes who want to add a special flavor to their recipes without resulting in a spike in blood sugar levels.

 The presence of fiber increases the feeling of satiety, preventing the release of insulin in the body, which helps in weight maintenance.

 However, you need to be careful if you are diabetic and already use some type of medication to control your glycemic indexes, as the use of parsley can dangerously lower your blood sugar.

 How to prepare parsley tea

 Parsley tea can bring some benefits such as detox effect, satiety, diuretic effect, aid in digestion and fat burning.  But how to prepare?  Will it taste good?

 To prepare the tea, use about 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley, previously washed in half a liter of water.  Bring the mixture to a boil and then let it steep for approximately 10 minutes.  This tea can be taken up to twice a day.

 Despite being delicious as a food condiment, parsley tea can be a little strange to our taste buds.  So, if you prefer, sweeten it with a little sugar or honey and drink.  Also, you can add other ingredients like lemon and ginger to change the taste of the tea.

 Final considerations

 Parsley is a food supplement that is easily incorporated into food.  In addition to helping with weight loss, it is a very healthy food that does not add fat or carbohydrates to your diet.  In addition, parsley adds a lot of flavor to food without the need to add salt or sugar to the food, which can be a good choice for hypertensive or diabetics who need to lose weight.

 Parsley is an absolutely safe food, but if you are pregnant, avoid using the condiment, especially parsley tea, as it can cause a diuretic effect that is harmful to health, such as bleeding, miscarriages and inducing premature labor.